Art Play and Make


Have you seen all those pics on Pinterest of rainbow colored spaghetti, rice and slime and thought, "Who has the time, space and patience for all that?" Do you want your toddler to experience working with paint, glue and glitter, but don't want to deal with the mess? Then Toddler Art Play and Make is for you! We love providing little ones with a rich, artistic experience in a beautiful environment, and we"ll clean up all the mess! Kids age 1 1/2 -4 years old will be able to experiment with all different kinds of art materials, processes and sensory based play. This is an open ended, process based art experience, which means that the act of art making is emphasized more than the finished product. Children at this age learn by doing, playing and experimenting. You or a guardian will be working alongside your children, cheering them on as they develop their fine motor skills, practice decision making and socialize with other toddlers. Your budding artists will move freely throughout the studio working at their own pace at a number of creative art stations and sensory activities.


Little Artists


Classes are still process based and exploratory in nature, but at this level students will be introduced to art techniques and step by step projects. We will explore drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and craft. We will also begin to learn about different genres such as still lives, landscapes, portraits, as well as elements of art such as line, shape, color and texture.


Big Artists


In this class students will explore more advanced techniques using materials such as, pastels, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, clay, sculpture, mixed media, printmaking and weaving. We will be learning about different art genres such as still lives, portraiture, landscapes, and abstract art. We will be inspired by current and famous artists and illustrators

Open Studio


During open studio hours, children are invited to explore the studio and use the art materials at their own pace, in their own way, to create art. We will also have prompts set up to inspire and stimulate creativity. Open studio is a great way to come spend some quality, creative time with your child, without having to worry about the set up or clean up. This is a fantastic opportunity for kids to explore their own creativity at their own pace while parents and staff help them achieve their ideas. Students will be able to create with paint, clay, wire, beads, collage, printing, stamping and many other open ended art materials and supplies.


Sensory Art


This class is for the kid looking for a total process oriented class. This is all about messy experimentation and discovery not about the end product. We will explore lots of sensory art and activities.